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The first photo of The Pick Up Artist 2 Cast

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Sep 25th, 2008 | filed Filed under: News

Here’s the first photo of The Pick Up Artist 2 cast…

The Pick Up Artist Cast

Mystery and Matador look ridiculous as usual…

I didn’t think Tara was really that great in season 1 but she looks damn fine in this picture!

The contestants are your standard mix.

The dude with the periodic table t-shirt at the far right looks like KF113 from the online casting contest. Apparently he must have won it after Michael Stoute from TSB Magazine turned it down. I guess the guy is from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The contestant just to the left of Matador sticks out as this seasons ringer. I predict that he wins it all.

I heard the cast was young this season but this is ridiculous. The majority of these guys do not look legal drinking age. I’d like to see at least a couple guys in their late 20′s or early 30′s.

I count 9 contestants compared to last years 8. This means one more elimination which explains at least one of the two extra episodes this season (10 vs. 8).

The Pick Up Artist 2 debuts October 12 according to VH1 Blog

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Sep 25th, 2008 | filed Filed under: News

Yesterday morning I made a post saying the The Pick Up Artist 2nd season was delayed. This was because there was a press release for VH1′s fall schedule and The Pick Up Artist was no where to be seen. In fact, they had another show called “Scream Queens” debuting in that time slot instead.

Then yesterday afternoon VH1 made a post on their blog saying the show would debut October 12th after all. This matches what I said earlier this month.

So I’m still a bit confused but since they are posting it on their own blog I would have to say the show is going to be finally back this October which is good news.

The following is the announcement on their site…


Mystery’s Back For Another Round Of The Pickup Artist

Based on the tremendous viewer response to the series The Pickup Artist, VH1 has once again teamed up with world renowned pickup guru Mystery to help guide nine new “socially awkward” students overcome their biggest fears – meeting women. As we saw last season, Mystery has developed a foolproof formula for these men to follow, whether they’re in a bar, club or coffee shop. Through his various teachings and in-the-field tests, Mystery will prepare these men with the skills they need to overcome their shyness and confidence issues in the real world. The Pickup Artist 2 premieres on VH1 on Sunday, October 12 at 10:00 PM.

The Pickup Artist 2 brings a new twist to the show, as Mystery and Season 1 wing-man and fellow pickup artist Matador are joined by new wing-girl Tara. Viewers may remember Tara as Season 1’s kissing coach. In this second season she will expand her role by adding a female perspective. Tara will serve as full time wing-girl to Mystery and act as a confidant for the contestants.

This season, The Pickup Artist 2 moves to Phoenix, AZ, as the guys sample the local night life in hopes of perfecting their skills and winning the title of “Master Pickup Artist.” In each episode, one contestant will be declared the winner of a challenge and granted immunity from elimination, while the loser will be sent packing. The challenges this season are even more intense — and personal. The dating neophytes will be tested in a local supermarket, a charity auction and various area nightclubs outfitted with hidden cameras that capture women’s real responses to the contestants’ come-ons.

“It’s certainly no mystery why we’ve partnered again with Mystery. He already had a legion of followers from his book when we launched The Pickup Artist series last year, and now he’s grown into a pop culture phenomenon. He’s even been parodied on Saturday Night Live – a true indicator of water cooler buzz,’” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Original Programming & Production.

“This series is so much more than just how to pick up a woman. It’s about instilling confidence in these young men. As each week goes by, you cheer on this crew of socially awkward men who ultimately flourish with some hard observations of themselves, gut-wrenching experiences in the field and even a little TLC.”

In the end, only one guy will remain and be worthy of the title Pick-Up Artist. Whoever claims this title will also win the cash prize of $50,000 to use towards his new social life. Catch The Pickup Artist 2 on VH1, premiering Sunday, October 12 at 10:00 PM*


VH1 The Pick Up Artist Season 2 Premieres October 12th

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Sep 8th, 2008 | filed Filed under: News

Everyone has been asking me when the second season of “The Pick Up Artist” is going to premier. Last year it started in early August and ended in late September but it hasn’t even premiered yet this year.

Don’t worry, it will first air on VH1 Sunday October 12th at 9pm EST. Please note that last year it was on Mondays and aired at 8pm EST but this year it will be on Sundays at 9pm EST so it will be a day earlier and a hour later.

There will be a new episode every week until its final episode on December 14th.

That means that there are a total of ten episodes this season, up two from last years eight.

Below is the full schedule for season 2:

date (day)
10/12/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#201-60) N/A
10/19/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#202-60) N/A
10/26/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#203-60) N/A
11/02/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#204-60) N/A
11/09/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#205-60) N/A
11/16/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#206-60) N/A
11/23/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#207-60) N/A
11/30/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#208-60) N/A
12/07/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#209-60) N/A
12/14/08 (Su.) 10:00 PM
(#210-60) N/A

As you can see, none of the episode titles have been released yet.

As far as the show itself, it was filmed in Arizona and Tara will replace J Dog as Mystery’s wingman this year.

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