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7 Second Seduction REVIEW ~ David Wygant SCAM?

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Feb 18th, 2015 | filed Filed under: Product Reviews

I keep getting asked to give my 7 Second Seduction Review of David Wygant’s men’s dating advice program.

It seems like a lot of you have watched the free video. You want to get it. But you’re worried that it might be a 7 Second Seduction scam or it’s not worth the money.

Here’s the honest truth of what happens when you order the David Wygant 7 Second Seduction system.

1.) You go to this checkout page and submit your login, contact and credit card information.

2.) You get charged $77 and have a 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

3.) You are sent a link to access & download 7 Second Seduction.

4.) Check out all the videos and audio mp3′s.

So here’s the part that makes guys think the 7 Second Seduction is a SCAM.

On the 100% Secure Checkout Page, there will be check box that will be checked by default.

It says the following next to it.

“Yes David, I want to join your “Advanced Dating Inner Circle” for a FREE 14-day trial! I understand the normal price is $99.95/month but with this special offer, I’ll start and stay in at the low rate of just $49.95/month after the 14-day trial. I also understand I can cancel at any time through your 24-Hour Help Desk. Let me in!”

If you do not UNCHECK that box, you will become signed up for a 14-day trial of “Advanced Dating Inner Circle”.

If you do not cancel “Advanced Dating Inner Circle” membership within 14 days, you will get billed $49.95. You will then be sent the next week’s video product. You’ll receive a video product every week. You will continue to be billed $49.95 every 30 days until you cancel.

I admit, $49.95 per month sounds like a lot for a few videos.

But don’t worry.

Canceling “Advanced Dating Inner Circle” membership is not a hassle. You can easily cancel by using the 24-Hour Help Desk.

You can also uncheck the box at checkout to not receive the free trial. You will then not receive the free trial videos. But you also will not have to worry about getting billed again later.

You probably will want to leave the box checked and set a reminder on your smartphone. Set it 13 days later and have it say “cancel 7 Sec membership”. That way you won’t forget.

It’s really not a hassle!

The “Advanced Dating Inner Circle” membership is a pretty solid weekly program. So enough guys will like it that they will keep paying for it for several months.

Other guys will probably be too damn lazy to cancel their membership.

These guys are the ones who make it so the normal program can be sold for the discounted price of $77 to those who cancel their membership within 14 days.

So order it without fear of getting scammed.

David Wygant is a well known dating coach. He’s been on MTV. He writes dating advice articles for the Huffington Post. He was supposedly the real life inspiration for the Will Smith movie “Hitch”.

I have personally studied 7 Second Seduction. I thought it was a great program with tons of solid content. I was able to cancel my Inner Circle membership in 7 seconds just by using the help desk.

Just remember to cancel your “Advanced Dating Inner Circle” membership within 14 days if you don’t want to keep purchasing it.

Just seven seconds of your time will get you a program that normally sells for $524.83 for only $77.

So take advantage of it.

This is a 7 Second Seduction review. So what did I think of the program?

I’ve watched and listened to it all. It really helps guys figure out how to read women. I found it to be a great program that will help you quickly seduce girls or get a loyal girlfriend.

I used the techniques at a park this past weekend. I read the three parts of her face and knew she was “thirsty” for me.

I got her phone number. Sent her a text. Set up a date. And things got hot and heavy real fast. After several hot dates together, we are now “Facebook Official”. ;-)

It sure beats wasting time and money on a girl who is just leading you on because she’s bored or wants to use you.

If you want to jump right to ordering it, here’s the direct link to the checkout page.

==> Get Your Copy At The LOWEST Offered Price.

If you haven’t seen the free video about it yet, watch it here.


If you want to cancel, or have problems canceling… leave a comment with your email and I’ll help. But *ONLY* if you ordered it through a link on this page.

Hope this 7 Second Seduction review helps clear things up for you.


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