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Alex is the first contestant eliminated off of The Pick Up Artist 2

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Oct 12th, 2008 | filed Filed under: Eliminated contestants

I have yet to see the elimination but I heard Alex was the first to get eliminated from the show.

I thought Rian deserved to get kicked off myself.

Like Ozzy Osbourne, I want “no more tears” after last season…

And whoever makes it rain with their salty tears should get their ass booted IMMEDIATELY!!!

Are you with me!?!

I also didn’t understand Mystery ripping on Alex’s gold chain…

I mean Mystery runs around with a fuzzy hat that looks like it cost $5 from a carnival…

He also is guilty of having jewelry that looks like it is straight from the swap-meet…

Who says peacocking accessories have to be expensive?!?

I’ve seen guys run around with cheap trinkets from a party store and get laid with them.

His goofy chain got girls to come up and approach him, isn’t that all it is supposed to do?!?

His problem is that he wasn’t able to do anything with the attention.

Anyway, I’m sad to see Alex go.

In fact I may cry…


It’s casual,

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tag7 Responses to “Alex is the first contestant eliminated off of The Pick Up Artist 2”

  1. hot dog Said,

    can someone please give a recap of what happened in the elimination. i live in australia and wont be able to download the episode for another day or two.

  2. Mack Tight Said,

    The elimination was a joke. There was only about 30 seconds that wasn’t in the preview that I posted here last week.

    Basically Mystery said one of the contestants did not have what it took to be a pick up artist because he got approached by a woman and didn’t have the balls to talk to her.

    Because he got approached by a woman and didn’t talk compared to the others who didn’t get approached and didn’t talk, that made Mystery vote him off (complete bullshit).

    Alex grabbed his shit and left and he had a voice over where he said he would continue to strive to become a pick up artist on his own.

    That was it… There was no formal elimination ceremony or anything. Mystery just eliminated him on the spot right outside of the club.

  3. hot dog Said,

    thats bullshit,kosmo didnt approach or talk to anyone either in the first episode of the first season and he went on to win. this season isn’t looking too good.

  4. Infinity Said,

    I am not too happy about the elimination either but I think Rian is going to screw up the other people’s chances, Prahdeep-style.

    Alex had to go because unfortunately, he had a lot more to work on than the others. I mean, Kosmo didn’t approach anyone but that was because of approach anxiety. If you remember his bio, he did have a few attractive women in his life but it wasn’t his doing. They came to him.

    If you can’t do anything when someone comes up to you, it’s a little more than approach anxiety.

    But that’s just my opinion. He should have kept him on for at least ONE more episode. It just made him look like a joke.

  5. hotdog Said,

    i also remember mystery saying in his dvd set about how he has a ‘leave no man behind’ mentality when teaching his students. i guess that was all just talk.

  6. Lanhawk Said,

    Mystery can be a prick at times, As far as personality, Alex had the most potential. I thought the dude that started crying because he couldn’t dress himself should have been the one to go.
    Here’s my question, do these guys get to read the manual I saw the guys making notes on in season one before headng towards their first challenge? It really isn’t fair to eliminate a dude on the first show without any training what so ever. “Bling..Bling is in the house” well Alex got attention from a girl which is more than any other contestant got and he gets eliminated?? Like no girl is going to know what Mystery or Matador looks like? Come on… I really enjoyed season one, but things better turn around quick if they are to be as successful in season two.

  7. Craig Said,

    This show is so odd to me. In some senses, it’s great, he’s definitely helping as far as the communication thing is going (if you’re going after a night of making out with a generic, brainless bar chick) because he lays out different scenarios; girls by themselves, with guys, friends, etc., and of course it’s good to have some idea of what you’re going to say when you’re approaching a girl.
    He’s generally got great advice and tips, but the bad? His clothes… I don’t even know where to start, I mean, does he buy that comical shit at the dollar store? He looks like a burning man halloween costume, with those novelty cowboy hats and stupid fucking goggles. He would get heckled endlessly in any of the hipper bars I’ve ever been to.
    As far as the contestants, it’s so sad seeing what he does to them; the arbitrary piercings and bleached hair tips just scream fashion desperation. Most of the guys on this season started off pretty good and just needed a little tweaking. Even if you hate hipsters, Alex looking like he did, if he just relaxed and adopted a don’t-give-a-fuck attitude (and maybe a couple drinks) would make a fucking killing in Williamsburg NY, the hipster capitol of the world. I know plenty of Guys that rock the intentional-nerd look that girls just wont leave alone – it just has to look intentional. You’ve got to just smile and relax.

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