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Episode 6 Recap: Grocery Store Day Game and Being A Good Wingmen

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Nov 17th, 2008 | filed Filed under: Episode Recaps

Episode 6 started with the final four of Cryin’ Rian, Simeon, Greg and Matt.

The reward challenge involved the guys going into a grocery store and attempting to number close women.

I go grocery shopping once a week and I have NEVER seen so many viable and desirable targets at one setting in my life. It was practically like a night club in that store without the cock.

Obviously the store was purposely stacked with sets. I hear many gurus preach how day game is so great and I agree that when you are out doing your daily routines you should keep your eyes open for targets and open them at will.

My main problem with purposely going out and sarging during the day is that targets and sets are completely scattered, random and moving. I find it hard to find a really good target rich environment.

Rian goes in and does a good job. He does hand kino with a girl and gets her number to invite her to a cookout. My only quip is that the girl had an ass the size of Texas.

Next, Greg goes in and treads water.

Matt starts out good but lets approach anxiety get the best of him. He resorts to walking around the grocery store and fondling random pieces of produce.

It really shows that approach anxiety is without merit. These women were all relatively receptive to being opened.

You can also see how someone with approach anxiety sticks out like a sore thumb. He seemed obviously nervous and apprehensive. Women can pick up on your anxiety and lack of confidence in yourself like a sore thumb.

Finally Simeon goes in and plays it all wrong. There’s direct, indirect and in Simeon’s case; bizarre indirect.

I’m really not a fan of random opinion openers in an environment like a grocery store. Asking a girl who is looking at broccoli if she would ever date a guy named Ronald might still work but I think it is a bit uncalibrated.

Rian wins the challenge and proves my theory that you should approach the ugliest and/or fattest girl possible to win such challenges. Why approach a “10″ when you can approach a fug and score the same either way?

The guys then pair up as wings (Rian and Greg, Simeon and Matt) and get coached on how to be good wingmen.

I found this FASCINATING!

In my entire life I have went out with hundreds of guys but only had one really good wingman. The guy was like the Terminator for me. I remember one night where he fended off four women by himself so I could score with the one hot target of the set.

I love how one guy opens the set, builds comfort, sets the foundation for his wing and then introduces him to the set. It’s almost like a “hype man” who pumps up the crowd for the main performer.

I like the idea of asking if he has seen “insert female name”. If the set isn’t ready it gives a legitimate reason for him to leave the set without being formally introduced at that time. The guy is busy and needs to talk to a woman that he knows at that time and he can return later when he has more time to be formally introduced and the set is ready without it seeming weird.

Rian did a great job of opening the set and prepping them for Greg. When they get into the VIP area Greg has no problem making out with the girl who was probably the least attractive of the three.

Rian actually does a great job handling the two girls by himself but has problems escalating. He finally hen pecks one of the girls but puts on the brakes.

Many times guys fear escalating too fast and getting rejected or making the girl uncomfortable. I’m guilty of both fearing to escalate and escalating too early. It’s all a matter of reading the girl and proper calibration.

Rian seems to be stopped at a green light. The women sense this and get uncomfortable about it.

Escalate too quick = discomfort
Escalate too slow = discomfort

For Rian’s defense, Greg does the cardinal sin of 99% of the wings I’ve been out with…

He gets selfish!

He’s making out with his girl and totally ignores his wing. This is a true test of a good wing; if they are totally in with a girl and they are still willing to help you. If they completely forget about you at that point you need to ditch that wing. You are probably better off going out alone.

Next, Simeon and Matt go in. Simean uses peacocking to his advantage. He uses his hat as a prop and kiss closes his target. Matt is spinning his wheels with mundane banter without escalating at all.

Simeon has the sense to reengage Matt and his target and talk up Matt. I don’t think it did anything to impress the woman but it did get Matt back on track and he uses the patented “are you spontaneous” line to kiss close his target.

Great job Simeon!

So Greg and Rian are on the chopping block.

Rian believes Greg should get the ax because Rian had two women and Greg didn’t help him out.

Mystery admits Greg let Rian hanging but the reality is that Rian really didn’t need Greg’s help. Rian just didn’t pull the trigger.

Mystery asks Rian why he didn’t kiss one of the girls in an intimate manner and Rian got relatively defensive and started making excuses.

This was the end of Rian…

Rian got the boot and I couldn’t have been happier.

I give him credit that he made great progress during the time of the show. But ultimately his inner game wasn’t there yet. It’s one thing to disagree with another contestant but to disagree with Mystery in regards to kiss closing showed that he was not 100% willing to learn from Mystery and fess up to his failures.

In summary, I think this was one of the best episodes of the show yet.

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