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Kevin is the Second Contestant Eliminated From The Pickup Artist 2

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Oct 20th, 2008 | filed Filed under: Eliminated contestants, News

Kevin got the boot…


I have yet to see the episode but prior Kevin was heavily favored by many to win.

He was the one contestant who was chosen from the online casting.

I’ll watch the episode tomorrow and give my opinions…

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tag4 Responses to “Kevin is the Second Contestant Eliminated From The Pickup Artist 2”

  1. Aha Said,

    I read that he took a bootcamp with asian playboy and that was why I favored him to win. So did he really take a bootcamp with asian playboy?

  2. hotdog Said,

    was it just me or did it look like a lot of people in the club knew what was going on? how big is that stuff in America anyway?

  3. Mack Tight Said,

    I heard he has some kind of affiliation with The Asian Playboy, whether it existed before or after the show I don’t know. I expect him to announce some kind of deal where he is now working with some pickup company tomorrow. I’m surprised since I would think the show contract would limit such things.

    I’ve heard stories that some of the people in the club are knowledgeable. I haven’t seen the episode yet so I can’t comment on it yet. As far as “how big is that stuff”, you need to be more specific. If you are referring to the pick up community and pick up artists, it is quite big.

  4. Lanhawk Said,

    The girls are definitely getting wise to the lines and games the pickup artisit uses. Most PUs get called out by using routines straight out the book instead of customizing their own.
    I see in the previews the dude starts crying again. Mystery seems like he is getting rid of the guys with the most potential and keeping the guys with the least.

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