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Science of Micro-Expressions REVIEW ~ Jon Sinn SCAM?

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Nov 21st, 2014 | filed Filed under: Product Reviews

I keep getting asked to give my Jon Sinn Science of Micro-Expressions Review.

It seems like a lot of you have read the free report. You want to get it. But you’re worried that it might be a scam or not worth the money.

Here’s the honest truth of what happens when you order the Science of Micro-Expressions by Jon Sinn PUA.

Science of Micro-Expressions Jon Sinn1.) You go to this checkout page and submit your contact and credit card information.

2.) You get charged $5.95 and have a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

3.) You are sent a link to download it.

4.) Read the Science of Micro-Expressions book & get the bonuses. (Lots of great content I may add.)

So here’s the part that makes guys SUSPICIOUS.

You’ll also get a 30-day trial of “The Seduction Masters Academy” subscription program right away.

If you do not cancel “The Seduction Masters Academy” membership within 30 days, you will get billed $77 per month. You will then be sent the next weeks videos/audio/pdf’s.

The main purpose of this the Science of Micro-Expressions review is to clarify this “The Seduction Masters Academy” membership for all those who are confused.

You can opt-out of The Seduction Masters Academy subscription. To do so, uncheck the box while checking out. Below is a picture of where to uncheck the box.

Science of Micro-Expressions REVIEW

When you uncheck the option, you do not have to worry about being billed $77 per month later. BUT, you ALSO will not get the 30-day free trial of the program. The 30 day trial is worth $77, so unchecking the box is sort of like throwing away $77 handed to you.

I feel that the best compromise is to leave the box checked. Once you get the free trial, decide if it’s worth $77. If it’s not to you, unsubscribe at that time before the 30 day trial is up.

Canceling The Seduction Masters Academy membership is not a hassle. You can simply e-mail your request for cancellation and then never get billed again.

The Seduction Masters Academy is a worthwhile program. So enough guys will like it that they will keep paying for it for several months.

Other guys will not know about opting out and/or will probably be too damn lazy to cancel their membership.

These guys are the ones who make it so the normal program and 30 day trial can be sold for the heavily discounted price of just $5.95 to those who cancel their membership within 30 days.

So order it without fear of getting scammed. Jon Sinn is one of the most popular and well respected pickup artist instructors around. I have personally studied his dating advice for years and interviewed him many times. I highly recommend him and he’s got a stellar reputation. He’s not a scam artist and the Science of Micro-Expressions is not a scam.

That being said, I’m still not a fan of monthly programs that are more per month than the original program. As long as you understand how the monthly subscription works and costs, you can order the Science of Micro-Expressions with no reservations.

Just remember to cancel your The Seduction Masters Academy membership within 30 days if you don’t want to keep purchasing it

If you haven’t seen the free introductory report about it, read it here.


If you want to jump right to ordering it, go here.

==> Buy It At Discounted Price.

If you want to cancel, or have problems canceling… leave a comment with your email and I’ll help. But *ONLY* if you ordered it through a link on this page.

Hope this Jon Sinn The Science of Micro-Expressions review helps clear things up for you.


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