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The first photo of The Pick Up Artist 2 Cast

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Sep 25th, 2008 | filed Filed under: News

Here’s the first photo of The Pick Up Artist 2 cast…

The Pick Up Artist Cast

Mystery and Matador look ridiculous as usual…

I didn’t think Tara was really that great in season 1 but she looks damn fine in this picture!

The contestants are your standard mix.

The dude with the periodic table t-shirt at the far right looks like KF113 from the online casting contest. Apparently he must have won it after Michael Stoute from TSB Magazine turned it down. I guess the guy is from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The contestant just to the left of Matador sticks out as this seasons ringer. I predict that he wins it all.

I heard the cast was young this season but this is ridiculous. The majority of these guys do not look legal drinking age. I’d like to see at least a couple guys in their late 20′s or early 30′s.

I count 9 contestants compared to last years 8. This means one more elimination which explains at least one of the two extra episodes this season (10 vs. 8).

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tag2 Responses to “The first photo of The Pick Up Artist 2 Cast”

  1. Matt Savage: Pickup Artist Said,

    Looks like a fine cast of lovable losers. I agree it would have been nice to see some older guys in there, such as the 45 year old virgin, Fred, from last year. It’d make for some good entertainment.

    The replacement of J-Dog was a good idea, I don’t think his personality/charisma was well suited for a reality show. And Tara will make for some good eye candy.

  2. Tara Said,

    Thanks Matt! The show is reaaally great so stay tuned. And FYI . . . watch out because this is some eye candy with an opinion or two ; )!

    Take care,

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