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The Pickup Artist 2 Ep 2 “The First Test” Summary

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Oct 21st, 2008 | filed Filed under: Episode Recaps

I grabbed some beers (yes, I drink alcohol) and watched the second episode of The Pickup Artist before going to bed last night.

A strange thing happened about ten minutes into it… I started to come to peace with the show.

In the past I’ve complained about The Pickup Artist giving away the knowledge of the seduction community to women, yet more recently I complained because this season was too much like last season. New material on the show would probably mean more community knowledge being exposed to the masses.

I realized I’m hard to please… I want my cake and I want to eat it too.

I think I, along with many others in the seduction community, expect way too much out of this show. If we did get what we demanded we would find something else to complain about.

The Pickup Artist is what it is… and that is a generally entertaining formulaic reality show. It’s not going to win any Emmy’s but it doesn’t have the production budget of Survivor or The Amazing Race either.

Mystery does a good job as the shows “judge”. He has a good presence. He plays a good straight man, leaving the wings for the more snappy lines.

Matador and Tara do a good job of looking good and delivering their handful of snappy lines per episode.

The show does a good job of focusing on the contestants, who are the real stars of the show. It is a bit hard to keep track of everyone earlier on like this but I think this seasons contestants are a good group. I find them generally sincere and likeable contrary to some of last season’s contestants. I am also content with the first two eliminated in retrospect.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

The second episode of The Pickup Artist started with a reward challenge that involved the contestants charming a bingo hall of older women.

I want to give proper credit to Wayne Elise for taking students to a bingo hall in the UK documentary “Seduction School” a couple years ago. But I also want to give Mystery credit for capitalizing on it.

I found this to be one of the most interesting reward challenges because I’m so fascinated with the perception of age with people. Most people do not know how to talk to people who are much younger or older than them in a casual manner. This comes to play when trying to pickup younger women (or cougars if that’s your thing).

The key to talking to people in a different age group than you is to NOT mention age and talk like you are the same age.

Find commonalities. Avoid differences.

Kevin did everything wrong. He basically said “you old people have good stories, tell me a story from a time period I’ve only read about in a history class”…

Basically he insulted them… why would they tell him a story after that?!?

Never refer to anyone as “old”.

Never separate yourselves from others, JOIN yourselves with others. It’s called CONNECTING for a reason.

Next, Simeon told a lady that she “doesn’t look a day over 35″…


Saying that a woman looks anywhere from 2-5 years younger than what she is is a believable complement. Telling her that she looks 35 years younger than what she is means you’re clearly a fraternizing ass-kisser.

Once again, I’m an advocate of not talking about age especially around people that you have a large age gap with.

Age and weight, along with politics and religion are topics I avoid.

Sure you can connect with women on these topics but you can also get yourself into trouble. People are VERY sensitive and strong minded about these topics. I prefer a topic that has less potential risk associated with it.

Matt had it down right. He never mentioned age and started connecting about bingo and gambling. Rather than asking the “old” ladies to tell him stories he asked them if they were playing black out or cross bingo. It showed he was knowledgeable about what they obviously liked doing.

Matt was very charismatic. He needs to realize that he can rock a bar full of 20-somethings the same way if he can tackle his inner game and calibrate accordingly.

I had a similar issue where I could absolutely OWN any college house party but when I got to a bar or club I froze up. The problems were in my head not in the bar.

So Matt won the reward which was a black feather boa. This pisses me off…

Mystery basically chastised Kevin for having a “cheap” fake gold chain yet he gives a cheap feather boa as a reward.

What the hell is the difference?

They both got the same results, women approaching and commenting on them.

Matt didn’t know how to capitalize on it just as Kevin couldn’t.

Shouldn’t that mean Matt should get eliminated too?

The other infield footage was interesting but brief.

Karl got blown out with a weak stuttering opener and couldn’t recover. It was quite obvious that the blow out destroyed his confidence and inner game.

Simeon had a dude tell him to “fuck off” and another woman basically tells him the same. This will happen…

You gotta evaluate your approach. If you did something wrong, change it next time. If you didn’t do anything wrong, its gotta be water off a ducks back and you need to move on. If you let it demoralize you and destroy your inner game you have lost and he/she won. The key is to not take such blow offs personal, learn what you can from them and forget the rest and move on.

Kevin was cursing excessively in his approaches. I’m a major advocate of not swearing. Almost everything that I do in life is measured on a “risk vs. reward” scale. If the potential reward outweighs the potential risk, I do it. I determined that there is little reward from swearing and a potential risk of offending or coming off ignorant so I don’t swear infield.

When I started blogging I would reread a post I just wrote and there would be a dozen “fuck”s in it. Most were unnecessary filler. All the swearing in Kevin’s opener drew emphasis from the story and made it generally less congruent and harder to understand. It showed he was nervous. Many guys pipe in “fucks” like “ummm”s unconsciously when they are nervous.

Brian lit it up. The guy gives me the extroverted nerd vibe. These guys have especially good potential with women.

I have a feeling Brian has seen some Mehow material. The high-five and twirling is classic Mehow.

Brian won and chose Todd and Greg as his wings so those three were safe.

Mystery whittled it down to just Karl and Kevin.

Mystery eliminated Kevin…

Whoever Mystery eliminates is solely based upon his discretion. You can complain, argue and debate it but it doesn’t change anything.

I don’t think Kevin necessarily deserved to be eliminated but I’m not personally going to miss him either.

I found him a bit overbearing and the least likeable of the contestants. I will be quite content if I don’t hear the term “swamp ass” ever again in my life.

I saw a recent YouTube video of Kevin where he made the excuse that Mystery made him use a cheesy canned opinion opener and that made him uncomfortable…


All these guys were using cheesy played-out canned opinion openers, that was the infield challenge!

I’ve seen guys use opinion openers very successfully. I’ve also seen them used poorly. No matter, they are an option in a PUAs arsenal nonetheless.

If you want to see guys shoved infield with real challenges that are worth complaining about, watch Keys to the VIP. These guys are forced to do things like act like a narcissist and still build attraction.

Again it is all a matter of opinion. As a viewer, I’m content in seeing Kevin eliminated. In reality, he quite possibly could be an excellent pickup artist. Just because I don’t find a guy likeable doesn’t mean that women find him unattractive.

So there you go!

Next week Kosmo is back and the guys have to control their heartbeats while naughty nurses cocktease them.

It should be good!!!

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  2. hotdog Said,

    link to kevin youtube video please.

    one of the best pieces of advice i ever got on learning pu is that everyone that is good makes it their own.
    there is no one style that is best (despite what some people say).

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