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TSB Mag interviews Pickup Tara

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Oct 6th, 2008 | filed Filed under: Tara

Michael Stoute and Bobby Rio from TSB Mag interviewed Mystery’s new wing Tara last Friday on their radio show.

You can stream or download it by clicking here.

She doesn’t come on until around the 23 minute mark.

Unfortunately they had technical difficulties so Bobby Rio was not able to be too involved in the interview but Michael Stoute did an excellent job flying solo.

In the interview Michael finally explains why he turned down VH1. Tara reveals that the contestant they ended up picking from the online competition was “Kevin”.

Tara also says that she was chosen through a casting call for the first season and had no idea what the show was about prior to filming.

This surprised me. For some reason I was under the assumption that she was affiliated with Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop’s company Venusian Arts or at the very least was friends with Mystery prior to the show.

She actually emailed me last week to clarify that she has NO affiliation with Venusian Arts outside of the context of the show.

Basically it sounds like she was an aspiring actress who landed the job without much prior knowledge of the pickup community…

And now a year later she is one of Mystery’s two wings.

Hey, a year ago I was just starting eSeduce too.

A lot can change in a year…

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tagOne Response to “TSB Mag interviews Pickup Tara”

  1. MikeStoute Said,

    Hey Mack,

    Thanks for the interview post!
    It was interesting because like you said, she had little or no knowledge of the industry when she got started which also came as a surprise to us.
    She might actually bring more realness to the show because of this..we’ll see..

    I just hope there isn’t any crying this year…Tough love daddy, tough love.

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