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Why is J Dog not Mystery’s wings in season 2?!?

author Posted by: Mack Tight on date Oct 16th, 2008 | filed Filed under: J Dog

A lot of people have been wondering why JDog was replaced by Tara as one of Mystery’s wings in this new season of the show.

I don’t know the truth but I have my own theories…

First, I think JDOG’s UK origins helped him as far as being chosen as a wing for season 1. It seems like a British judge on a US reality show is a must now-a-days. It also might have helped with airings across the pond.

On the other hand Matador is a part of Venusian Arts, the company Mystery also works for. J Dog does NOT work for Venusian Arts. For that reason it is clear that J Dog was the odd man out of the two wings.

I thought JDog did fine in the first season. I think the decision to replace him was made by VH1 and not Mystery.

All TV channels are looking to reach certain targeted audiences and demographics. VH1 must have thought bringing in Tara would improve interest from their targeted demographic and improve ratings…

More people watching from the target demographic means more advertising money.

I’m sure most women identify with her and I’m sure most guys find her hot.

So my opinion is Matador’s looks and affiliation with Venusian Arts meant he was staying…

While Tara’s looks and the fact that she is a woman trumped J Dog’s sound advice and performance from season 1 from a marketing standpoint.

I sorta miss JDog but I also think Tara has been good so far.

I think they should bring JDog back for an episode or two this season. This season was filmed in Arizona and coincidentally JDOG is the founder of the Arizona Pick Up Artist Lair…

But I have a feeling that we won’t be seeing him though…

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tag2 Responses to “Why is J Dog not Mystery’s wings in season 2?!?”

  1. hotdog Said,

    i liked jdog too. i thought he was very laid back and provided a good contrast to mystery and matador who come off as aggressive.

    mystery and matador also make pickup sound like a war. when its really not.

    this show is about anything but pick up. tara is on it for crying out loud.

    all this show is really about it making people money and making the main guys on the show famous.

  2. Mack Tight Said,

    I agree, the changes were made in an attempt to attract better ratings.

    Jdog wasn’t “in your face”. If you watch any of the other VH1 reality shows you’ll sadly see that flash, brash and theatrics is what sells.

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